– Accessing Contracts

Here are the two different document sender types:

  • WP E-Signature super admin.
    The user with this permission is the only user that can view, edit, and send all documents created by all E-Signature users and manage E-Signature settings and add-ons. This permission can be passed to another user at any time, by the current super admin choosing a new super admin from their settings page.
  • Regular E-Signature users.
    These users can view, edit, and send the documents that they themselves have created and have access to their user-specific E-Signature settings.

Accessing signed contracts

Switch document owners
Using this option, the current document owner passes document ownership to the new user and keeps super admin permissions. Then both users will be able to utilize the document and view future signed and pending copies, one as the doc owner (who can view their own docs) and one as the super admin (who has access to all user’s docs).

Dropbox Sync
The first one is using our Dropbox Sync add-on to automatically sync all of the signed PDFs to a Dropbox account. Then you can give this access to your team members and they can simply log into the Dropbox account to view all signed PDFs in the Sync folder. Easy!

CC’d users
The second option is CC’ing the parties that need to see the documents on the master copy. This means that every time a copy of the document is signed, they receive an email with access to that signed PDF.