ApproveMe – Gravity Forms Integration

Use When

  • Dynamic data is entered into a contract


  1. Anaylyse the contract
  2. Create a list of all dynamic fields
  3. Create a form to capture all dynamic fields
  4. Form Settings/WP-E-Signature Settings
  5. Add New
    • Select Stand Alone Document: create a new document
  6. Setup WP e-Signature Template
    • Title
    • Body
    • Options
    • SETUP Gravity Form Field Now
  7. Form Settings/WP-E-Signature Settings continue editing
    • Signing Logic: Send User an Email Requesting their Signature after Submission
    • Select Stand Alone Document: Select the document you created
    • Signer Name: Select field of Organization Contact Name from Gravity Form
    • SIgner E-mail: Select field of Organization Contact Email from Gravity Form
    • Underline the data that was submitted from the Gravity Form