Event Registration

  • Use our GP Populate Anything Perk, together with the GP QR Code Perk, to populate the other fields with values based on the QR Code value scanned. For this you’ll need to use a unique value to generate the QR Code and for this you can use our GP Unique ID Perk for that. Here’s what you’ll do;
  • 1) Add a Unique ID field to the event registration form and use it to generate the QR Code.
  • 2) On the QR Code Scanner form, add a text field and enable QR Code Scanner on the field. This field will be used to scan the QR Code will be populated with the Unique ID value generated.
  • 3) Setup Populate Anything on the other fields to populate values from the event registration form entry using the unique ID value that will populate the field as filter value.
  • This should populate all the fields with the respective value based on the QR code generated.
  • I hope this helps. Please try this and let us know if you have any questions.