Legalsigning – Default Notifications Management

Reponse as at February 10, 2023

Is there a way to send a notification when a user has signed who is not the final user?

No, the supported notification events specific to Legal Signing that you can use and their contexts are listed in the following documentation:

We plan to expand in general the ability to more granularly fire certain things off at different lifecycle stages of workflows in the future, so it is possible something like this may be supported in a future version, but at the moment the events listed in the documentation above are what you’d have to work with currently.

How do turn off notifications to signers?

As in the Ready For Signing notification that goes to a signer when it is their turn to sign? You can’t by any built in method, that notification is always intended to go to the signer when it is their turn to sign, there always needs to be at least one Ready for Signing notification for a form that will be sent to all signers at some point during a workflow.

Other than that default Ready for Signing notification, any additional notifications you add to the form bound to Legal Signing notification events can be deactivated or deleted like any other notification for a form in Gravity Forms.

We did also provide the following in one of your previous tickets in regards to something you could try to disable the Ready for Signing notification if you absolutely need to do so:

If you really wanted to prevent signers from getting the notifications, you could use the core gform_notification filter in your theme functions.php file or a custom functions plugin to hook into the Ready for Signing notification event and set the to address in the notification object to nothing or do something else to otherwise prevent the notification from being sent/delivered. The notification would still attempt to be processed by Gravity Forms and you’d see a sending result error related to that in the entry notes, but it wouldn’t be able to go anywhere.

E.g the following would set the to address to nothing, preventing the notification from being properly sent for all notifications on the site bound to the Ready for Signing notification event.

add_filter( 'gform_notification', function( $notification, $form, $entry ) {

    if ( $notification['event'] == 'fg_legalsigning_ready' ) {

        $notification['to'] = '';


    return $notification;
}, 10, 3);

How do I edit signer notifications?

Any notifications tied to Legal Signing are available for editing like any other notification for a form in Gravity Forms via a form’s notification settings, though the settings within those notifications as to what is available to edit may vary based on the notification event the notification uses.