GravityFlow Send invite from external system

Default functionality

  • If notifications can be sent from the website hosting gravityflow, you can use functions such as the form submission step to manage form submissions.

Different system eg CRM, sends notifications

If you need participants to submit forms as part of a workflow, and you need to send notifications from an independent system, do the following.

  • The system sending notifications, for example a third part crm, must be able to send a link in an email that includes
    • URL to the child form page
    • append a query such as/?master={entry-id-master}
    • Create a workflow step in the master to hold the entry using the incoming webhook step.
  • The child form must include
    • Hidden field that can be populated by a query string with the name used in the query, in this example, ‘master’
    • Use gravityperks autopopulate anything to populate other fields in the child form linking to the master form where the master form entry id is the same as the value stored in the hidden field.
    • Create a workflow in the child form
      • Step 1: update fields in the parent form on submission of the child form.
      • Step 2: Send outgoing webhook
        • Outgoing Webhook URL{Entry ID: Master:1}/workflow-hooks
        • Raw Body
          • {
          • “workflow-api-key” : “Insert api key from incoming webhook step in master workflow”,
          • “workflow-api-secret” : “Insert api secret from incoming webhook step in master workflow”
          • }
    • These steps update the master form entry, then release the entry to continue the workflow.