LegalSigning Impact on GravityForm Hooks

From ForGravity Support:

  • Hooks like gform_after_submission still run each time the form is successfully submitted
  • They are triggered every time a signer submits the form regardless of which signer it is. Certain things might process later than normal like notifications, feeds, etc.
  • LegalSigning delay’s certain items like most notifications and add-on feeds until after the signing workflow tied to the entry is completed successfully.
  • DO NOT edit any entries that currently have a signing workflow in progress programmatically from within a filter or action.
    • Editing an entry like that will change the entry hash that the signing workflow logic will be checking against as each signer moves through the form to make sure the entered values from all the signers aren’t being tampered with to preserve the integrity of the legally binding document generation and could prevent signers accessing the form after that edit takes place from participating in the workflow.