Deploy PHP Storm to directory on local computer


  • Keep local git repository synchronized with another folder either locally or on a different server via FTP

Setup Deployment

  1. Select PHP Storm / Settings / Build, Execution, Deployment
  2. Select Deployment
  3. Select +
  4. Select ‘Local or mounted folder’
  5. Dialogue box opens with title ‘New Server Name’
  6. Enter a server name, for example, ‘SMPLFY’
  7. Connection
    • Type = “Local or mounted folder’
    • Folder = Path to specific plugin folder. The contents of this folder will be updated with the edits from your development folder when you deploy to this server.
    • Web server URL = ‘http://localhost
  8. Mappings
    • Local Path = Path to development folder within PHP Storm Project
    • Deployment path = ‘/’
    • Web path = ‘/’
  9. Excluded paths
    • Add paths to any files who want to exclude when deployed to local server
  10. Select ‘Apply’ at bottom right of modal
  11. Select ‘Ok’

Actions to take when you deploy to the local server

  • View the dev folder in PHP Storm
  • Right click on root folder of the dev folder in PHP Storm
  • Select Deployment
  • Select Upload to …