Setup Slack Integration with Stripe

This post will instruct how to integrate Stripe with Slack so that a message will be sent upon a completed transaction (or any Stripe event).

  1. Navigate to the Slack App Directory and sign into an account that has access to the Slack workspace you want to send messages too.
  2. Navigate to
  3. Click “Add to Slack”.
  4. Under “Authentication”, click “Authenticate Your Stripe Account”. This will redirect you to Stripe where you can select the account you want to receive messages in Slack for.
  5. When returned to the page from step 3. Click “Choose a channel” and type the name of the channel or person you want the messages to be sent to
  6. Click “Add Stripe Integration”
  7. Instructions will appear, however, the screenshots used are outdated.
  8. Under “Step 2” copy the link in red text.
  1. Navigate to and login using the details for the account you linked to Stripe in Step 4 of the previous section.
  2. In the top right click “Developers”, then click “Webhooks” underneath the “Developers” heading.
  3. Click “Add endpoint” to the right of the “Hosted endpoints” heading.
  4. Underneath “Endpoint URL”, paste in the link copied from step 8 of the previous section.


It’s important to understand what an event is as there are many to choose from. When something happens in Stripe, it will release something into the system that is specific to that event. It is unlikely that many of these will be useful when integrated with Slack, but when following the point of the next step, you will be able to see all the events and know what they are for.

  1. Under “Select which events to listen to”, click “Select events”
  2. To have it so that after every succesful purchase, a message is sent, click “Charge” from the list and tick “charge.succeeded”
  3. Click “Add Events”
  4. Click “Add Endpoint”

Now the integration is complete and you should receive a message in the chosen Slack channel after every successful purchase for the Stripe account that you integrated.