WP Webhook Pro – Trigger: Webhook/HTTP request received

Trigger: Webhook/HTTP request received/Trigger settings
  • Receivable trigger URL
    • Sending data to this URL will fire the trigger with the data that was sent along.
    • Auto Generated
  • Send full request
    • Send the full, validated request instead of the payload (body) data only. This gives you access to header, cookies, response type and much more.
  • Allow unsafe URLs
    • Activating this setting allows you to use unsafe looking URLs like zfvshjhfbssdf.szfdhdf.com.
  • Allow unverified SSL
    • Activating this setting allows you to use unverified SSL connections for this URL (We won’t verify the SSL for this webhook URL).
  • Fire only once per instance
    • By default, our plugin is able to fire on an event multiple times (in case the event was called more than once per WordPress instance). If you check this box, we make sure to fire the webhook only once per instance. A WordPress instance is a single website call from beginning to end.
  • Schedule trigger
    • Schedule the trigger by a time of your choice. This field accepts an number containing the seconds of delay. E.g. 1 hour equals 3600 (60 seconds x 60 minutes).

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